The unexplainable case of the otherwise terrific Bose Quiet Comfort 35

In a previous post I talked about the pairing issues on an Ubuntu machine with a vanilla (otherwise decent) Bluetooth USB adapter.

Further down the road, doing nothing really special than using the QC35 on my smartphone, laptop and (Ubuntu) desktop at home, it seemed to work for, well since my last post about it.   Except this evening.  For some mysterious reason I got noise, Ubuntu detected the device correctly and I chose the stereo mode (because you also have a mono entry) but what was that noise…?   Turning off everything around me first that could cause the Bluetooth interference (I thought…) didn’t help a damn thing.  Then I re-paired the device, cleared the device list in the QC35 by holding the switch for 30 seconds.  Disabling the Bluetooth on the Ubuntu, removing the Bluetooth dongle, restarting the Bluetooth service, the noise was still there…    I’m used to a lot of weird shit in my job, but this must be firmware related…  But how do you reset the QC35?   I tried the old trick of connecting it (turned off) via USB to a PC.   Well, what i expected from before didn’t happen, the noise was still there…  Never giving up, I did another round trip of resetting everything i could think about…  And the sound is back again, clean.    This really puzzles me, but upgrading the firmware you might think, jeez, reading the horror stories on Reddit about the newer firmware being even worse (even reducing the noise cancelling) I have decided not to go down that road, at least not until I read some positive stories about recent firmware.    So, to all people that experience this, it’s not your fault, or your OS fault, but really a firmware issue in the QC35… What a pity.


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