Cloud infrastructure and security
  • Architecture consultancy (mainly AWS)
  • Cloud development (mainly AWS)
  • DevOps (mainly AWS)
  • Hybrid cloud on-premises connection strategies (design of low-latency, manageable VPN infrastructure)
  • AAA solutions:
    • Standard authentication solutions like windows authentication,  federated authentication using industry standards like WS-Federation, SAML2P.
    • Building API security with industry standards as there are: OpenID connect for authentication, OAuth2 for delegated authorization, ABAC, RBAC and XACML for fine-grained, session independent access control.
    • Custom solutions because the one-fits-all approach is at times simply not possible.
    • Integration into existing infrastructure (reverse proxy integration for example)
  • Coaching – enabling people and knowledge sharing.
Backend development
  • Backend development in your programming language of choice (except Java).  In order of expertise:
    • C#
    • Python
    • Node.JS
  • Backend development in cloud environment + DevOps.  Experienced in deployment, maintenance, and building maintainable cloud strategies, for example using AWS cloudformation stacks, blue/green deployment approaches, …